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Applicant Country Buying Products Date Status
dan*** Kenya fishing hook 2021-01-13 In Progress
san*** Kenya Atmospheric Water Generators Solar Panels Solar Inverters Hybrid solar Batteries 2021-01-11 Applied
inf*** United Kingdom Medical Device 2021-01-06 In Progress
sia*** Iran (Islamic Republic of) CellSpin Clinical Centrifuge 2020-12-24 In Progress
hyl*** China Cosmetic tool 2020-12-23 In Progress
jos*** United Kingdom mono solar panels 2020-12-22 In Progress
mgi*** Egypt Apparel 2020-12-22 In Progress
you*** India Incense Stick Machine 2020-12-22 In Progress
jhy*** United States vascular and aesthetic medicine 2020-12-22 In Progress
rin*** Viet nam Smart Home Appliance 2020-12-22 In Progress
had*** Indonesia Andalan Ekspor Indonesia 2020-12-17 Completed
raj*** India Korean Traditional Product 2020-12-12 In Progress
raj*** India CAR , Heavy Vehicle , Jeep , Motorcycle , Related Business Products 2020-12-12 In Progress
jos*** Iran (Islamic Republic of) air filter media & air filter machinery (pleating machine) 2020-12-10 In Progress
kin*** United States hybrid seed 2020-12-09 In Progress
moh*** Japan Squeeze and Sizing Pipe Bending Machine(Automatic) 2020-12-07 Completed
moh*** India Venom Products(Apis Mellifera) 2020-12-01 Completed
tpa*** United Kingdom multi purpose A4 copy paper 2020-11-30 Completed
mle*** Canada welding machine 2020-11-30 Completed
mle*** Canada welding machine 2020-11-30 Completed
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